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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  February 17, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they know the obstacles all too well >> actually, i don't like it because i had to look around. with the car, right behind me. >> reporter: much of her frustration is with the sidewalks in front of the private homes and the apartment buildings. but our sidewalks from georgetown to downtown found one consistent big offender. the national park service. along k street, the picture is pretty much the same at each of the squares operated by the park service. with the shoveled walkways, whether it is mcfear son or franklin, there is little in and around the park. >> i'm from maine, so this is completely ridiculous to me. >> jennifer perry navigates the snow covered walls. it is through the park, it's
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the sidewalks a that border the busy k street. because there are still snow covers. pedestrians have to walk in the roadway and not the crosswalk. >> this doesn't make any sense. considering the safety of the citizens. the downtown circles and the square parks need work. >> the priority is keeping the roadways open. followed by the sidewalks around the national icons. if that problem is not enough staff. >> i would say for the normal circumstances, it's absolutely an appropriate amount of staff. that is not a normal circumstance. what we see throughout much of the city with the sidewalks that have been shoveled. across the street is the franklin square park for them. that's the national park services problem up the streets, the square park is probably the best of the three that we saw today. and the reason is, the gold
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triangle business approvement -- improvement district has been helping them out there. >> all right, thank you for that day from the sidewalks to the roadways. it's tough to see them all over from the memorial trouble spots tonight. well you know, i have been talking about this for the past few days. drivers on the stretch as you can see behind me. they have seen the travel times doubling or tripling since monday, due to all the snow and the ice from this and you could see traffic already building up here. now, they are dealing with another problem. the lane signal not working properly. so i could safely say that this is a god stress to avoid this afternoon. switching over to the capitol beltway. backed up in both directions here on the american legion, close to an hour now in i-95 in virginia over to maryland. so not a good spot to be in as well. switching over to just outside of downtown. s employees with with turning and can't see. so it's going to be a difficult
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stretch. back to you. >> we want to know about your commute. row have more stories to share or something good. tell us on our website, police are looking for three men tied to the to the deadly shoot at the strip mall, happening it this maryland. police got a call around noon, finding victim bleeding badly protphoupbsed dead at the hospital. a little girl took the stand to testify against her adopted mother today. the child who survived is now nine and what shed told the court today was unforgettable. audrey barnes was there as she joins us live from the montgomery county courthouse with more. joy got away from the woman who now calls her exmother and alerted police.
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when they found the body of the two sisters stuffed in the freezer. police say that renee killed the girls at the house in rockville and put that freezer on the u-haul and moved with it to another house where she continues to abuse joy. the tiny survivor found court leaving today, hugged a teddy bear when she testified about being locked in the room with her sister. forced to use a bucket for a bathroom, and take beatings. confessed to killing the 12-year-old first, wrapping her if a blanket and sticking her in a freezer. then she said she killed 10-year-old jasmine, who she claimed died after hitting her head on furniture during an argument. bowman told detectives she then wrapped her in two green trash bags, duct tape them, and stuck her in the freezer on top of the other. during the interrogation, bowman said caring for special needs kids was too much for
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her. using an exmative, saying that i'm a monster. it's been a nightmare from day one. i feel relieved it's out in the open. i don't have to hide. renee bowman's defense attorney spoke for just a little over two minutes during his opening statement today. all he said was, there's not enough evidence in this case to convict renee bowman of first-degree murder. he did not say how he claims to defend her against the crimes that she is already confessing to. back to you. >> all right, thank you for that. tiger woods is ready to break his silence with the much anticipated news conferences ahead in sports. but first, the third strike for toyota. new details on another potential problem. and topper? >> still windy and sold out here. we got a little melting going on earlier today. windchills in the 20s.
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feels like it's 29 downtown. 25 ated frederick. already 20 at winchester. even down to the south, it feels like 32 in fredericksburg. we have a couple of snowflakes on the 7-day forecast. stay tuned.
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more trouble for toyota today. the top executive says that there might be problems with another model. the corolla may have power steering problems and executives say that they may issue a recall. the president won't be there but he will send a top aid, promising new safety features are on the way. >> hello, toyota beat us to the firearm on this. this is very serious.
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january sales down 16%, causing toyota to shut down production at two u.s. factories. a quick note for you about metro. the agency's 10 cent fare increase goes into effect on february 28. and lasts through june 26. fares for senior citizens and people with disabilities will go up five cents. all these increases are in an effort to help lower metro's $189 million budget deficit. the tsa is going to make another upgrade to their new security screening for the first time that the airport screeners will swab some passengers to check more explosives. well february is safe and sound on 9news now and they operate behind a keyboard. child pornographers. they live all aross our area. watch what happens had state troopers set up a trap and how you can protect your children. a crime fighter alert only on 9news now tonight at
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11. up next, rescue and ransom. how a man tried to profit off one family's loss. but first, here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. coming up, the $787 billion stimulus became law. is it really working? we'll have a reality check. more tonight only on the cbs evening news. g÷g÷uññ
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i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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[ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess. we're back now. counting your commute. leaving our northwest studios just after 5:00. headed for aspen hill. and scott, where are you now and how is it going? >> all right, i made it. safely out there for aspen hill. you can look out the dash cam if you would like to see where i am. this commute went pretty poorly. but a lot better than some of us expected this evening. i was mostly on connecticut
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avenue. and this trip according to google maps is 12.4 miles should take you about 25 minutes. for me tonight, with some constricted lanes and difficult traffic, i made it in 56 minutes. so a normal 25-minute run, a little bit more than double the time. in rush hour, that mite be more like -- might be like a 40-minute commute. most of the problems that i saw are the same kind of problems that i think commuters everywhere are seeing. think are still small spots. not big places, but small spots where there are lanes constricted. forcing traffic over or maybe a left turn lane that's not completely turn out. and also a lot of caution for the people that are taking turns because they can't see around the snowplows. that's slowing everything down.
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a day that begins the lint season. observing the occasion by placing ashes on the foreheads of the preusers. during st. matthews cathedral in northwest dc. meanwhile, washington's catholic archdiocese has shut down their childcare program. a same sex marriage law taking effect soon in dc. rather than licensing gay and lesbian couples, transferring their foster care services to another provider. the national center for children and families. $2.1 billion. that's the amount the virginia governor, bob mcdonald plans to cut from the budget. including $730 million splashed
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from schools. >> all the cuts gave me heartburn. all of them are difficult. i know behind every cut, there's a virginiaen, somebody in this room or somebody that is out of the $7.8 -- 7.8 million people that we have that might be affected by that. >> reporter: his plan also calls for eliminating teen pregnancy prevention and local dental health programs. we need to follow up yesterday's house fire. confirming the fire was caught by workers trying to clear ice and snow from a roof. the crews had to dig out two hydrants to fight the fire. officials say do not use an open name to clean ice or snow from your roof. a 21-year-old man is in a montgomery jail accused of holding two lost dogs for ran sph-fplt walker called the dogs owners and demands $300. the owner called police, investigators launched a sting operation. police returned one dog to
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their owner, but walker apparently abandoned the second dog that was hit by a car and died. walker is being held on $1500 bond. yesterday, we showed you video of one very luckying dog. a snowplow removed the manhole cover. and the dog came by and fell 15 feet below. but someone heard him barking and the fire department came out to pull them to safety. tonight, in an animal shelter and workers would really hike to find your help to find his owner. we're hoping that the owner will come forward. if they don't, we're hoping that someone will come forward wanting to put him in a loving home. he's got no mayor injuries. all the dogs until the shelter have stories, but this rescue story was extraordinary. if you want to help, call 301-780-7200.
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one lucky dog, that's for sure. >> thank you. one way or another. >> i hope so. >> all right, the breezes held tough today. they will hang tough tomorrow and even friday. temperatures will be inching their way out just a little bit. here's your forecast for the next three days right out of the gates. we're looking at partly sunny skies tomorrow. still breezy. low 40s on friday. clouds come in on saturday. could see the light snow or the flurries. mostly cloudy, breezy, cold. more slick spots. winds are westerly at 10 to 15. already in the 20s. your actual lows, 23 at great falls. 23 at bowie. and 22 in upper marlboro. right now, temperatures are still mid-30s. 35 at gaithersburg. vienna, woodbridge, 36.
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and mid-30s to the west. although as you get past front royal, temperatures are already in the lower 30s. 20s and 30s for the westerly winds that will feel like they are in the teens in the early mornings. by the afternoon, partly sunny. breezy again. and chilly. high temperatures, in the low 40s. we should be almost in the upper 40s in terms of our average and westerly winds at 10 to 15 once again. satellite picture radar combined. entering just into northern texas of colorado. that's our little system on saturday night. the storm, giving us a little bit of the snow pulling away from new england. still the big flow around it. in the upper levels of the atmosphere, producing more snow showers. believe it or not, winter storm warnings, they continue. and for garrett county, primarily west of the divide. and until that out there. unbelievable amount of snow. even reports that they are having trouble moving their snow. >> and their zone forecast, all
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six zones, available on our website at and partly sunny on thursday. and temperatures in the low 40s. or at least around 40s here for them. and it will be breezy still. from the east, 42 downtown. 42 at college park. and low 40s for the bay. and we are looking because of the wind, the small craft advisories for the bay and the title potomac. and in fact, they might be well extended for them on friday and wednesday. >> the next seven days, low 40s for thursday through sunday. a little breezy. temperatures on thursday and friday again, little light snow possible for them. and all kinds of mixtures, getting from the computer guides. and how big it is going to be. a mixed event for them on monday and tuesday and even behind the system, they will pull down the cold air. temperatures on wednesday that will hold in the upper 30s. that had stayed cold for a while after the storm passes. regardless of which way they
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go. >> we don't need it to melt fast. >> exactly. it won't be the huge snowstorm for them. >> while this could be your last chance to see the winter's last remaining super stars. >> brett haber is live at the verizon center for tonights area. >> the last man standing is a wizard now. but for how much longer with the trade deadlines tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon. and many believe that the captain will be gone within hours. they will have the latest. plus, tiger woods, that could break his silence, details on his press conference. 9news sports live right after this. having a child with diabetes,
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welcome back to verizon center everybody. here is how the wizards have changed in recent days. for that matter, weeks and
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months. after the longest guy on the roster, is blatch. it's possible he could be number one on that list with the trade deadline coming at 3 p.m. rumors are swirling that jamison is about to leave. the leading candidate appears to be the cavaliers in exchange for some combination. jamison refused to talk today, but his teammates are bracing for the departure of their leader. >> to lose someone like that would definitely, it could be a setback, but also, it could be a chance for someone to now come into their own and give an opportunity for one of the young guys to step up and now take that lead. >> it is always tough to see people like this leave. and to move on. but that's a part of what our business is all about. meanwhile, the four new wizards have arrived. that's clinton ross, just about 40 minutes ago, getting his
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wizards jersey and posing for his official head shot. he and josh howard and drew gooden and james singleton will make their wizard's debut tonight. we heard that gooden is looking for a buyout from the wizards and may not play tonight. after nearly three months in hiding, during which time he did not say a single word publicly, tiger woods will break his silence the day after tomorrow. the el battled golfer has -- the golfer has scheduled a press conference, and his chance to rejoin progolf. we're told tiger will read a statement, not take questions. his ascent said that the media in attendance will be limited. all right, now, the latest from the winter games in vancouver. if you don't want to know what happened during today's events, stick your fingers in your ears. right now, american lindsey vonn, despite that injured shin, won gold in the women's downhill
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this afternoon, beating them by more than half a second. fellow american took the silver. american goes one, two. meanwhile, the russian hockey team, aka, washington's capitol west made their debut early this morning. two goals for alex as the russians beat lafayette, 8-2. they now have seven golds in nine olympic matches. here's the up-to-date medal count, claiming the medals from germany. rounding out the top five. tonight, the men's figure skating long program. of course, as you know for 23 years, john thompson and jim, spotted ahead twice a year turning syracuse into one of the greatest rivalries in all of college basketball. tomorrow in this very building, those two teams will get together again. same base out there. different side. this time, it'll be them leading for the fifth ranked team. the 83rd meeting for all times.
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and 10th since they took it over. georgetown has only won three of those meetings. and even the players who weren't born back in the heyday of this rivalry know their meaning. is >> it's fun to be a part of it. and that is something that, you know, i myself, personally, have really cherished. you know, it's honoring the games like this. and honest to be a part of history. it'll be a big crowd. >> the ravens have signed the wide receiver to a one-year deal. suspended last season after striking and killing a pedestrian with his car and that's the story from here. the new wizards make their debut in just over half an hour and jamison remains the captain of this team, but for how long, we do not know. we're live at the phone booth where that has changed. i'm brett haber, back to you. >> a different team. thank you for that.
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we want to check our 7-day forecast before we get out of here. >> we'll finish the week quietly. maybe breezy, yes. relativelied cold. high temperatures in the low 40s. remember, the average high is 47. not tooing long before we leave this -- not too long before we leave this. and march 1 is the meet logical spring -- meteorological spring. saturday night, light flurries. we're monitoring the potential of the storm on monday and into tuesday morning. probably a mix. probably not all snow or all rain. temperatures are going back into the 30s for the highs on monday, tuesday, wednesday. behind the storm, it will turn cold, once again. a lot of mixed messages as to where the storm is going to go and how big it will be. >> i was going to say, just the mixed event that means less significant in terms of that. >> not necessarily. just different stuff. >> yeah. >> all right, well, we're pulling for the low. >> yes. >> the low. we're rooting for the underdogs this time. that's it for us on 9news now at 6. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. we'll see you


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